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hfsemi keeps the Fab's business running

hfsemi has been a dedicated supplier in the semiconductor industry for over 20 years, specializing in equipment and spare parts. 

With a focus on the wet chemical process division, we provide essential tools and services that support the ever-growing demands of the silicon century. Our highly motivated team is committed to delivering excellence and innovation in a field that's at the heart of the 21st-century technological revolution.

hfsemi, the swiss army knife to the semiconductor industry.

Business Divisions

Spare Part Services


For spare part needs, please consult hfsemi's spare part catlouge.

Wafer Production Equipment

Refurbished equipment
Used equipment

Repair Services

PCB-Boards & Electronics
Mechanical components

Spare Parts and Repair Service

hfsemi is recognized for its exceptional spare part and repair services within the semiconductor industry. We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts and prioritize rapid delivery to ensure high machine availability and efficiency. Our expertise extends to modernizing outdated equipment, ensuring that semiconductor manufacturing systems meet current and future demands. With a focus on customer-specific needs, our services are essential for maintaining productivity in the fast-paced world of semiconductor production.

Spare parts

In the field of machinery and equipment maintenance, the availability of high-quality spare parts is important for minimizing downtime. A comprehensive inventory that includes commonly needed items like seals, fittings, pneumatic and mechanical parts, valves, motors, motor-controllers, and various electronic boards ensures a fast response to any issue. Ensuring a rapid supply of these components can significantly enhance operational efficiency and improve equipment uptime.

Repair services

In the fast-paced world of semiconductor manufacturing, the ability to quickly repair and maintain essential components is important. Services that specialize in PCB board repairs, controller repairs and the repair of mechanical parts, motors, and even obsolete parts are invaluable. With a focus on reducing downtime and improving uptime, these services offer fast turnaround times to get equipment back into production quickly. Exchange programs can be a cost-effective solution, exchanging faulty components with functional ones, ensuring continuous operation. hfsemi is dedicated to fulfilling these needs, helping to minimize costs and maintain the seamless operation of semiconductor fabs. It's all about keeping the wheels of industry turning with as little interruption as possible.



More than 20 years in business

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This reliability is our sole foundation for building long term customer relationships. Fruitful projects arise from it. 

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